Why Real Estate is an Excellent Career Opportunity For Women

I always get asked why real estate is a good investment and career move for women. Apart from the sound fiscal reasons, which I will mention later in this blog, there are some behavioural and biological reasons. Women live longer than men, smoke less, and are regarded by insurance companies as risk-averse. This is why premiums for women are usually lower than for men. Women also tend to earn lower incomes than men because we take more time away from work to be with our families and friends, valuing the work-life balance with a more human touch. We tend to build lasting relationships of trust with people as we interact with them in a face to face situation. While this may be a disadvantage in the cut and thrust of male-dominated business life, it is an advantage in real estate. 

If you are a single woman, investment in real estate is a perfect way to secure financial independence and develop your career. It offers a level of freedom to work without supervision, be your own boss and be responsible for your own success. There is a great sense of achievement when you close that first sale and reap your work rewards. It fills you with confidence and drives you to make the next sale. It’s the same for married women as they are usually in charge of the household finances and understand how to manage assets, fixtures and fittings associated with real estate. Women possess a natural skill set when it comes to homes and nesting. We nurture and protect those around us, building a safe and secure home and ensuring it’s grounded in family values. This is why I feel Real Estate investing is a natural fit for women and a perfect career opportunity. I also firmly believe that real estate investments are one of the fastest and safest ways to build wealth and develop networks. 

Personally, Real Estate has offered me a brighter future. I was born in Mexico into a middle-class family, my Dad was a mechanic, and my mum looked after our home. Neither of my parents was lucky enough to have a third level education but understood how important education is to development. They worked hard to ensure that I went to University, where I graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. With a degree in my hand, I wanted to explore the world and broaden my horizons, and I travelled to Canada, where at first, my life as an immigrant was a culture shock. It was challenging to adjust, and I had to learn a new language, but my focus was to get a job with an established corporate company that would take care of me into the future. I found a suitable position and started to climb the corporate ladder. I was good at my job and succeeded in getting my P.Eng License, a professional engineering license in Canada. This led me to an exciting opportunity with an Aerospace company where I worked for 17 years as a project manager. 

During this time, I began to question how I managed my finances. I wanted to secure my future, so I decided to take the leap and just buy a property. I got married, and together we purchased a property, sold it and then upsized. We divorced soon after, which was both financially and emotionally devastating. In the US alone, over 750,000 people got divorced in 2020; many more are in perpetual limbo as they cannot afford to get divorced and have to either work at repairing their marriage or allow the situation to worsen. In my opinion, this financial jail is a fault of the system that encourages us to spend and not to save and invest in assets that allow us to build wealth by investing in real estate. With my life experience behind me, I decided to become a wealth advisor after learning that 90% of millionaires become wealthy by owning and investing in real estate. It was my first step into my new life in real estate.

After my divorce, it was a challenging period. I went through three job transitions which ate into my savings. Statistics show us that the life span of any one job is roughly five to seven years as people get bored, accept more or less challenging positions or downsize closer to home. The further you climb the job ladder, the more money you make, so it becomes harder and harder to find a similar or better position each time you move. Job security with one company is not a priority for people in today’s society. Financial security is and investing in real estate is the best way to secure a sound financial future. The independent woman of the future will have a lot more financial responsibilities to deal with, so 

here are seven reasons why I decided to invest in real estate.

1. Job Title. I enjoy it, I like to say I’m an investor. It carries a certain prestige with it.

2. Passive Income. The very first time I received rent, I was the happiest lady on the block – the greatest feeling to know that as long as you own the property, you will receive a rental income.

3. Property Appreciation. As time goes by, the asset can rise in value while the tenant pays for it through increased rents.

4. Tax Benefits. You can deduct all of the expenses that you have in the property and reduce the income that it produces.

5. Leverage. When you have enough equity, you can take some of it to purchase or invest in other property or assets.

6. Principle Pay Down. Your tenants are paying for the property, but you are receiving the equity and the pay down. So you are closer and closer to full ownership of the asset.

7. Job Satisfaction. I enjoy the work. My role is a social one and plays to my strengths. You are working outdoors, and you get to choose your working hours. You are the boss.

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