How Energy Affects Your Real Estate Business

Hello, and happy Friday. It is Friday where I am here on this side of the world. Today is all about how energy affects your real estate investing. Not only your business but your life in general. If you’re starting a real estate investing business, your energy needs to be positive. It needs to change; what I mean by that is how I was introduced to energy. It was a very unusual way. In the last few months, I’ve shared plenty of technical tips about how to find a property, how you can set up goals, and all about how to manage this business. I feel this is very helpful. My background is in engineering. So, I have always been a technical person. Even when I was little, my dad was a mechanic, and I grew up in his garage. So, as you can imagine, there are always things to do. I have liked to take things apart since I was a baby. That is my nature. That’s how I was born. I think that everybody has a different personality. And we all come that way. So, I always like things that are very technical, very analytical. That’s why I loved being around my dad and his garage and doing all those things, you know, fixing cars and talking about this bolt-on or off. Right? I love that. And as I grew up, I decided to become an engineer.

I noticed that engineers mostly are male and are very analytical. And women don’t go there too much because we’re more emotional, which is not bad. But I believe we both have two things Emotional and analytical, and for me, because I’m a woman, I was very analytical for the longest time. I was unbalanced. I mean that because my job and upbringing always were like that, my personality was already like that. I already had that tendency to be very analytical, everything black and white. There was no in-between until my marriage fell apart. And things started to go sour, and it began to become bad.

Things began to happen. Everything was very negative as I was in the middle of a divorce, and not being in a good place made me unhappy. But at the end of the day, our primary goal is to be happy. Whatever you’re doing now in your life, you need to be happy, and I wasn’t happy for the longest time, and when I got divorced, of course, everything went wrong—absolutely everything. I lost my house, and I went and bought another house, and I lost that house too because I lost my job. Everything seemed to be going against me; I felt the world was against me. As I said, I was very negative during that time, and I justified it by thinking, well, I should be this way and sad, mad. All these terrible emotions because I have a justification. I just got divorced. I lost my job, right? But those things can happen.

They happened because I was negative. I was negative inside myself, and I’m telling you this because the minute you change your focus and what you’re focusing on, things changed a lot for me. I remember I started to get sick because I was utterly unbalanced energy-wise. And the only way I can describe it to you is that I was in a high vibration but not in a good way. I was just uneasy and restless all the time, and I didn’t know what it was. Later, I realized that I was unbalanced, I had to concentrate more on being of service, looking for the good in people, and looking for the positive in whatever happened to me. Even though it was a bad experience, I needed to look for the good in it. This is the energy I wanted to talk to you about today. Because that kind of energy is what you vibrate into the universe, anything you truly want will return to you. Here is an example:

The last time I bought a vehicle, I decided to buy an SUV, and I decided to buy a Nissan Rogue. I was looking, and as a technical person, I looked at all the specifications and compared different models and everything else. So, I made my choice, and I wanted to buy a NISSAN rogue. So, the moment that I made that decision, when I went on the road every other car, it seemed to me that it was a NISSAN Rogue; I don’t know why it had never happened before. But I changed my focus because I was looking for it. This is the thing that you need to do. If you’re starting in real estate investing or already in real estate investing if things are not going the way you want.

You need to focus on what you want to get with each property. Maybe you need to change your goals and make them more realistic or aligned to what you’re trying to accomplish. That’s why it’s so important to go back to figure out exactly where you are financially. Second, find out why you want to do this and what you want to get out of it. And at the end of the day, the only goal for any of us, no matter what we do, is to be happy. You’re doing it because you want to be happy. and this is the goal. Buying real estate makes me happy; it’s a thrill going there and doing a search, finding a property, getting it refurbished, doing all the repairs, dealing with people, and all those transactions you do along the way. I took a lot of personal development courses, and I still do. I have discovered a book that I haven’t read in a long time, The Attractor Factor. I think I have had it for about ten years now. A fascinating book, I read it first when I was wholly technical, and it shocked me, and I said, Yeah, right, this book is just non-sense! But, I always go back to it. And every time I read it; I find something new. And one of the things I got from this book is that you must remove the block and remove that energy that keeps you exactly where you are. And we all do it. And we are blind to it because we are immersed in this little bubble, we call our universe.

Where we live, we have rules that we have set out somehow. Either you got it from your parents, you got it from your teachers, or you got it from your community. We all set rules within those boundaries, and if you’re starting something new, you must step outside that. Because if you’re not in that world, if you want to become a real estate investor, and you’re not, you need to break that boundary that you made for yourself that says, I am not an investor. And those are the energies I’m talking about, that you must be looking for the good; what do I need to learn? How can I do this? Instead of I cannot do this, IT’S just the mindset of being open, to know more because you want to be in a different space. And there is no other way to do it. So, the whole point of this situation this morning came about because I was listening to a podcast. I listened to podcasts for real estate about motivation, but everything, and you should, too, especially if you are not already an investor. You want to become one; guess what? You need to be immersed in the language of the Spirit. It’s like a new language that you’re learning. And it just takes time.A baby takes about two years before they speak. So, it’s the same thing with you. You need to be immersed in the environment that you want to become. And if you don’t know anybody that is already investing, listen to people like myself; well, many people out there have great information. Look for that. So, you can start listening to the same thing and speak the same language. That is the kind of energy that you want to have. That’s part and parcel of changing not only the energy of the universe, is not only that, but you also need to have that spirit, to change your attitude to look for the good to surround yourself with positive people. Those are the kinds of things that you need to do constantly. If you want to advance in whatever endeavor you want, whether it’s school, a new trade, or anything new, it always requires those steps to move you forward and, more importantly, to be focused. So, I hope you have a wonderful day today and become positive, look for the good and most importantly, be happy with whatever you’re doing. Have a great day.

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